Hewlett Estates

1204&1206 Hewlett Pl.
Redeveloped single-family property to accommodate two single-family homes .
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2340 Richmond rd.

1000 - 2000 feet for Lease

CNIB Building Purchase and retenant
CNIB is now a new tenant of the building and is welcoming the Victoria Silver threads to share the space. We are in the process of looking for a further 2000 square foot tenant there is an opportunity to occupy the space and rent the gym space as well in share in reception.



Latitude living

34 Residential units with 1 commercial


2753 Somass Heritage Rebuild

More details coming soon

2670 and 2680 Margate

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The Dwell On Despard

1535 &1537 Despard Ave.
Redeveloped single-family property to accommodate two single-family homes
Built new home, the “Dwell on Despard”.
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2725 Cadboro Bay Rd.

Renovated and resold

2995 Uplands Rd. /2859 Burdick

Raised, moved and redevelopedsingle-family property to accommodate two single-family homes

The Zen

1121 Fort St.
Redeveloped existing four-unit building to construct a 25 unit multi-family building.
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2120 Fair St.

Renovated and resold

178-180 Olive St.

Redeveloped property to accommodate two homes; built 2,200 sq ft. single-family home and renovated existing residence.

962 Whisperwind Pl. / 990 Ironwood Court

Redeveloped single-family dwelling to accommodatenew home.

4512 Cottontree Lane

Renovated and resold

1615 Bay St.

Redeveloped single-family home to a multiple family building.

Terra Verde” 1020 Richardson St.

Assembled and rezoned 4 properties to a 16-unit town home project.

1419 Fairfield Rd.

Redeveloped a single-family property into a three lot subdivision

213 & 215 Michigan St.

Redeveloped single-family dwelling to accommodate two homes.

1534 Yale St.

Renovated and resold
Urban Core Ventures